The children have heard from most of their schools now, with heaps of overwhelmingly generous offers.
We can hardly believe it… Thank you Isobel for all of your support.  They remembered your top tips for writing and I’m sure this has made a difference.  We are tremendously grateful !



“We were really struggling to get to grips with the amount of schools out there. In fact, we really didn’t know WHICH schools where out there!  IWschoolingconsultants to the rescue!”


Half way through the first term of a school, we decided we really wanted to send our daughter to an independent school. We really had no idea which schools where out there and how one would even start approaching them.


Isobel came to the rescue! Armed with information based on some simple questions she had put to us before our first meeting, she talked us through the list of schools that would best meet our needs.

During our meeting, she then further worked out what kind of people we were and pointed us to schools which would not only suit our daughter but would fit in with our lives and world views.


Isobel also helped us with crucial tips on how to approach the schools.

All of this was done with professionalism, and humour which really made a huge difference.


We ended up with a wish list, and after contacting the schools and meeting them, we made our choice and were offered a place in the school we were hoping for.


We are absolutely delighted, and look forward to the start of the new term with our daughter in the perfect environment for her and us.


I could not recommend IWschoolingconsultants highly enough.



From the outset Isobel hit the mark. Utterly unflappable, systematic, well paced and yet flexible and warm. Isobel has a deft hand with both the reluctant student and the anxious parent. She knows how and when to make class fun. And she isn’t afraid to highlight disappointing work when her pupils fail to try their best. She was always transparent and a strong communicator.

As a working parent I found Isobel a godsend. She went above and beyond to work around our commitments and enable tutoring when I wasn’t available. I always felt we were getting value for money, with someone who’s priority was equipping our son for success, rather than earning a salary. Isobel’s style is relaxed, nurturing and effective. She quickly deciphers her pupils and taps into what makes them tick, whilst building skills and confidence, particularly where a child is weakest.

Over the course of the early weeks Isobel recommended several schools that she thought would appeal to our son and our values. She hit the nail on the head with one of her recommendations becoming our first choice. With Isobel’s support and dedication our son achieved his goal and had the luxury of turning down a number of other offers. We will definitely bring repeat business with our second child when his turn comes.



I first encountered Isobel when I attended her 11+ preparation course for parents. I was so impressed that I booked my son onto her summer holiday tutoring course and I cannot recommend her, and the courses, highly enough. My 10 year old son is the most reluctant student you will find and when I finally told him (the night before) that I had signed him up for a week of intensive English training he thought his world had ended! Over the week he went from reluctant student to one who couldn’t wait to go and, each day when I collected him, he was eager to show me what he had done during that day’s session and was proud of his work. Him enjoying the course was a huge relief but more importantly we have noticed a big improvement from him in terms of how he approaches his work, the effort he puts in and, thankfully, there has been an improvement in the marks he is getting. When I mentioned to him that he would be doing some more sessions with Isobel over the October half term there was none of the usual reluctance we get when we mention the dreaded study word and he’s excited to go back, this time taking some friends with him who signed up following my, and his, recommendation.


Belinda & James


Isobel started looking after our two girls eight years ago and has remained a big part of their lives. Isobel has a wealth of experience working with children coupled with a natural ability to engage and relate to them and gain their confidence and friendship.

She has been a great support to both my girls from nursery right through to senior school encouraging them and helping them along the way.



Isobel is a gifted and highly motivated teacher who is able to make her lessons both enjoyable and effective for her students. She puts a great deal of thought into structuring the sessions to the individual and works hard both to encourage, reinforce and extend.

Stephanie & Carlos


We have had the great pleasure of knowing Isobel as teacher at our daughter’s primary school, as private tutor to our daughter and now as senior school educational consultant. In each of these capacities, Isobel has been able to provide experienced and thoughtful support both to our daughter and to us as a family.

As tutor, Isobel has gone well beyond helping our child consolidate key areas of learning. She has also worked to build her self-confidence in all academic areas. Following just one term of regular tutoring, we could see our daughter’s approach to her school life become increasingly enthusiastic, and her academic results soared. We look forward to continuing with Isobel, whose encouragement and teaching talent have been of such benefit to our child.

As educational consultant, Isobel has brought the very same thoughtful insight to helping us navigate the complex route to senior school. Isobel’s deep understanding of our child’s personality and learning style as well as her understanding of us as a family has kept us focused on finding a school that will be the right fit for our child, a place where we know she will thrive.



We had the pleasure of working with IW Consultants in October 2015 when we moved to London and had a challenge to find private school for our 10 year old son and 6 years old daughter to start in January 2016

It was a very difficult task to find a school which is academically strong, easy for logistics and right for children, yet within the academic year.

Isobel of IW Consultants did an excellent job. From our very first conversation with Isobel, it was evident that we are dealing with an experienced professional who loves her job and eager to help. We enjoyed her punctuality and reliability. Understanding our time critical situation she made herself available for us even after working hours and during weekends without extra cost.

We were delighted with the service we received from IW Consultants from the beginning till the end.

Mr & Mrs B

Lusaka, Zambia

We contacted IWSC when my daughter was deeply unhappy at her secondary school. Isobel, along with her team, were fantastic. Her eagerness to empathize was so reassuring. She was very understanding and dedicated to identifying with the bigger picture. She was completely honest about what was realistic and where we stood. Being based in Zambia and having Isobel there with her kindness, fantastic knowledge and advice when no one else was being very helpful was such a support. Isobel also provided regular tutoring to keep my daughters focus academically in the short time it took to find the right school. She is now in her new boarding school and everyone is more understanding of her feelings and needs but best of all she is happy. Thank you Isobel, you have made such an enormous difference.

Sue & David

Westminster, U.K

She has been a great support to both my girls from nursery right through to senior school encouraging them and helping them along the way.Isobel has a very special ability to identify and connect with all children and to understand what is unique about each child.

She expects the best from every one of them and provides tremendous support and encouragement to help each child achieve his or her potential. Isobel also has a breadth of insight into the British school system and familiarity with the different cultures and styles of many schools. Coupled with her ability to understand each child, Isobel is ideally placed to provide your family with advice and insight into navigating the many challenges of finding the right educational opportunities for your children.