Grammar Schools Opening Doors to Disadvantaged Pupils

A recently study has found that Grammar schools are changing their entrance criteria in order to encourage more disadvantaged pupils to apply for places. The article below highlights the school stat are leading the change in policies.

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Latest Press – The Spectator

We are pleased to announce that Isobel was recently interviewed for an interesting article covering the sometimes daunting prospect of moving your child mid-year into a different school.


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Are Top State Schools In Danger of Becoming Elitist

Recent research highlights the increasing problem with top local state schools consistently taking less disadvantaged pupils than they should be doing when taking their catchment area into account. In the wake of this year’s Secondary Schools offer day this article discusses the emerging issue.



Former Education Secretary Wants Private Schools To Pay Tax

Michael Gove has criticised private schools’ charitable status arguing that it should be removed. He wants independent schools to be treated as private firms and made to pay VAT on fees. This article explains his views in more detail.


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New Years Resolutions for the Digital Age

An excellent article detailing modern day concerns over too much screen time and how to keep children safe online.


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Head Teachers urge parents to ignore school league tables

Recent changes to the SATs exams have led to poor results in this years league tables.  The following article outlines why teachers are asking parents to ignore the marks.


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Private Schools fight to keep their charitable status

Following Theresa May’s warning to the Independent sector that they must look to do more to help children from poorer backgrounds, the ISC have come up with a radical change to the private system.


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Are new grammar schools about to be introduced.

Current Press is alight with speculation over the government’s potential plans to introduce new grammar schools. Despite the heavy handed title the following article is an informative piece giving some unsettling ,but realistic insight into what is going on in secondary education and how parents and children feel about it.

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Latest Press

We are thrilled to be featured in Time & Leisure magazine alongside many other inspiring women. Do pick up a copy if you can. It’s a great magazine filled with lots of fun ideas for the family as well other articles of interest.


Are “Battle Axes” Needed?

‘Battles Axes’ as teachers? A rather negative way to describe teachers who install boundaries in their classroom which are actually stuck to. This however is increasingly tricky to stand by as expectations of teachers become more and more unrealistic. Behaviour management is paramount in schools, but gets left behind due to obscene workloads.

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