Maths Test

Times table tests yet another burden on pupils

More tests for our over stressed and over worked 11 year olds? Maths assessment are already timed and if a child is not confident with their times table this will shine through in this assessment. Stop adding to their burden. teachers already strive to maintain consistent times tables practice, help them to be able to keep this up not add more!


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Parents would be shocked at what schools have to do in the name of ‘good’ education

Many aspects of education are moved aside to make more room for subjects that contribute to league tables.  Gone are the days where needlework would be an hour lesson a week.  The pressure in English and Maths has become so intense that all else is forgotten.  A frightening but honest insight into primary education.


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Schools’ fundraising efforts for refugees

Schools across London have been organising fantastic fund raising events to aid the staggering refugee crisis in Europe. From donating much loved teddies, bake sales, clothes drives and even lobbying to the government, not only helps those in need, but also educates our chidden in an age appropriate way about what is happening beyond our shores.


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Bring back ‘risk and adventure’ to the classroom

First hand experiences is what ignites a child’s interest and passion in a subject or topic. Over protecting our children so far that they can not participate will have lasting effects. It has been proven time and time again that hands on learning has a greater long term advantage. We can not expect great things of children if they can’t experience them.


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Educational Straightjackets

“Dont confuse league table success with a good education” putting children into an educational straight jacket does not allow them the ability to think laterally and apply their knowledge. A great article from the telegraph

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More to Primary Education?

Primary Schools performance is based on a percentage generated by the children’s achievements in English and Maths – is this all thats important at Primary age? This is a time when children cultivate much of their personalities and many of their skills. Limiting achievements this drastically surely diminishes the vast amount of education provided by primary schools.

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Is a teaching qualification everything?

Can a teaching qualification give you everything you need to be a great teacher? Do the skills taught enable you to teach with enthusiasm and passion, installing the ability to captivate a class whilst maintaining control? An interesting read by the former headmaster of Harrow Barnaby Lenon.


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League Tables

The 2014 primary school league tables have been published. While these tables certainly give parents an insight into a schools academic achievements, can they really help you find an appropriate school for your child? If 95% of children achieve A’s in their exams my question would be “What happened to the other 5%? Were they supported as they needed if academically they are not so strong?” Statistics can never give you the full picture.


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Should swimming lessons be compulsory?

Almost half of primary school children are unable to swim 25 metres unaided, according to research that says more than 1,000 primary schools are not providing swimming lessons despite it being on the national curriculum. Should more be done to ensure youngsters learn this skill and are able to stay safe in and around water.

Plans for Britons first virtual school.

An online school could open as early as 2015 and is hoping to provide a full curriculum without any of the behavioural issues that can arise in a classroom. The social aspects of education will be completely missed out on and surely this will have a detrimental effect later on. Can this work for our children today?


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