The aim of tutoring is to give children the skills to help themselves independently and become successful learners. By working in a one to one environment the competition of the classroom is eliminated and children are free to work at their own pace utilizing all the allotted time to their own individual needs. Tutoring allows children to be motivated by learning, increasing their knowledge and understanding as well as encouraging higher levels of learning.


Confidence is an essential part of learning, as this grows a child’s potential extends to what they previously thought impossible. We will match one of our dedicated tutors to work closely with parents and teachers to ensure a child is supported in all their educational needs. This enables them to move forward with their studies with the assurance that all difficulties have been addressed.


Tutoring can be working towards particular exams or to support and extend a child in any year group. IW School Consultants tutors will offer clear comprehensive feedback to parents on their child’s progress and undertake regular assessments to ensure the practices are being applied.

Following just one term of regular tutoring, we could see our daughter’s approach to her school life become increasingly enthusiastic, and her academic results soared